1. Why do I need a confinement nanny? 

You may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to trust your maid with your newborn as she does not have the expertise in the area of baby care. Seeking help from your mum or mum-in-law is an option but you may find that their baby care skills are out-dated or such responsibilities and tasks are too tiring for them. Going through the whole confinement period by yourself will be extremely tiring for you and have adverse affects on your health and well-being.

A confinement nanny could be the right answer for you. Not only is she trained to take great care of your newborn, a confinement nanny will also create a variety of dishes with high nutritional value recommended for mothers who have just given birth. She can also guide you through daily baby care procedures so that you feel comfortable providing for your newborn. In addition, a confinement nanny can highlight all the do's and don'ts of proper care and nourishment during the confinement period so that you can recover your health more easily.


2. What are the differences between hiring a nanny by myself or through Prajatha?
By engaging a nanny through Prajatha, we negate all the hassles that you will have to face by helping you to make all the necessary arrangements from the first stage of contact till the nanny arrives at your doorstep. Furthermore, we ensure that a trained nanny will be available for you, regardless of your delivery date. Most importantly, we have a group of dedicated crew who will provide you with the utmost support and assistance throughout your entire confinement period, with services like a replacement of nanny if necessary.


3. Do I need to pay more for the services provided by your company? 

No. We do not impose any additional agency fees to our clients when they hire a confinement nanny through Prajatha.


4. When should I engage a nanny from you?

 Due to the rising demand for confinement nannies, we do urge you to book a nanny from Prajatha as early as possible. It is strongly recommended to book at least 4 to 5 months prior to your estimated delivery date (EDD). 

If you are booked five or more months in advance of your EDD, you will be entitled to a full refund* of your deposit should a miscarriage or pregnancy failure occur with a doctor's certification.

 *Do note that administrative charges are still applicable.


 5. Will I be able to select a nanny?
A personal selection of a nanny is not possible. All of our nannies are exclusive full-timers whereby they usually work 8-10 assignments a year. Precise planning of job schedules has to be in place so that the nanny is not left without work. Moreover, there might be unforeseen circumstances which result in the nanny being unable to work at the time of your delivery. For example; still employed by a previous client, illness delays etc.


6. Will you recommend an experienced nanny?
Yes. All Prajatha nannies are experienced. Due to the high demand for specialized confinement services, Prajatha nannies have a constant flow of work. This enables them to hone their skills and gain invaluable experience and knowledge by working with different personalities, requirements and needs. This helps them to adapt and adjust quickly and easily to a variety of working environments, giving new employers peace of mind.

Moreover, we believe in the provision of quality nannies and services in order to receive your future recommendations and it is this same kind of support given by all our customers that has enabled us to remain in the market till today.


7. How do you ensure the qualities of your nannies?
On top of their training and high work rate, nanniesí qualities are further ensured by the company feedback management system where all of our customers' valued comments are reviewed seriously. Therefore, we strongly encourage our customers to rate the nanny by completing the feedback form given by our consultant or through our website.

 Through this system, we are able to:

  • Recognize the effort made by the nanny
  • Improve both the company and nanny's standard of service
  • Re-evaluate the nanny quality after each and every assignment

 Additionally all of our nannies undergo an annual medical check up to ensure that they are Hepatitis A, B and HIV free. This will ensure that our nanny√≠s physical health condition does not cause a threat to any of the family members.


8. Why can some agencies offer prices lower than market rate?
Some new agencies may possibly use market penetration pricing strategy, where they price their services at a very low rate at first with a gradual rise in the rates after gaining market awareness. The reason they apply such a strategy is due to the fact that they cannot compete in the quality of nanny or services provided.

 In addition, some unauthorized agencies are operating illegally and they will usually persuade clients to save on the government taxes.  Some agencies also underpay their nannies to keep their client fee down. Such practice greatly affects the nanny's performance and an unhappy experience for you. Lower rates could also be due to the provision of inexperienced nannies.


9. Can I get a replacement if nanny is unsuitable?
Although we are confident with all our nannies capabilities in fulfilling their job scope well, we do understand the existence of different family requirements, expectations and human chemistry. Hence, free replacement of a nanny can be done if you feel that she is unsuitable.


10. Am I allowed to appoint the nanny whom my friend used before?

 You are allowed to appoint the nanny and it will be placed on your top priority but please take note that it may be subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

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