Why choose Prajatha?

For its Credibility, Affordability, Reliability and Empathy as we CARE for your Post-natal health and well being.

Credibility: We are a registered healthcare company with only certified confinement ladies for Confinement lady at home service and massage therapists for pre and post natal Ayurveda massage.

Affordability: Our prices are comparatively cheaper compared to other providers.

Reliability: We never fail to cater to our customer’s individual needs without compromising quality and service.

Empathy: Your satisfaction and comfort is our confinement ladies and therapists’ first priority.


  • We have annual check-up of all our confinement nanny's to ensure they are disease free(Hepatitis A,B & HIV)
  • Certified Ayurveda Hospital Trained Confinement Nanny's from Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi
  • Free replacement policy
  • Arrival of nanny guaranteed at your doorstep as per confirmed booking
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