Why hire a Confinement Nanny?

Post-natal Confinement care is the time of recuperation after a long pregnancy and strenuous labor and delivery for the new mum. This is crucial period of adjustment after childbirth during which the mother’s reproductive system returns to its normal pre-pregnancy state. India has a strong culture with traditional customs during confinement period, which the new mum practices that are proven to be highly beneficial during her postpartum recovery.

The confinement period varies between 40 to 45 days (till the time of resuming mother's menstrual periods). During the confinement period, the new mum will either seek assistance from mother, mother-in-law or confinement nanny to help the woman with the baby, cook your confinement meals and do some housekeeping.

Confinement practices used to be passed down in families but in modern days, most people no longer do so. This is why many Indian couples choose to hire a confinement nanny.

In our grandmothers' day, the village midwife, experienced in all the traditional aspects of pre- and postnatal care as well as labour and birth, would go to the new mum's house to perform the massage and help her care for her new baby.

In today's urban setting, where many young couples and nuclear families live far away from extended family, this reliable and comforting support system is not always a viable or affordable option. Therefore, Prajatha offers to provide a complete package of confinement lady service at home.

A confinement nanny or confinement lady, is usually older and experienced woman in caring for the special needs of a new mum and newborn baby according to the traditional confinement practices. It’s a great aid to have a nanny to look after both you and the baby for the first month after birth. Not only can you get more sleep, you’ll benefit from the wisdom of an older woman who’s raised her own children. Besides that, it is good as you can spend more time quietly bonding with your baby.

Contact us for an experience and reliable confinement nanny and enjoy your worry-free pre and post-natal period.

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