Childbirth is one of the most exciting and important journey in a woman's life. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle by keeping a nutritious and well-balanced diet, coupled with enough rest and exercise - all necessary to nurture the growing baby.

Under the care of our trained confinement nannies, you and your family will enjoy hassle-free post-natal care, and at the same time recuperate fully from your delivery.

Choice of Confinement Nanny Services catered to different needs:-

Stay-in Confinement Nanny (14 days or 28 days)

Stay-out Confinement Nanny (14 days or 28 days)

Our Ayurveda-trained confinement nannies possess the following skills:

Kannada/Telugu/Tamil/Hindi speaking
Experience in handling newborns / children
Good cooking skills
Committed, caring and hardworking

For enquiries, please fill up the online form to receive the pricing and details of our service.

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